Jewelry Laser Engraver for Business

Posted by Travis Richards on Aug 19th 2022

Jewelry Laser Engraver for Business

Jewelry Laser Engraver for Business 

Laser engraving jewelry is a powerful way to add a special touch. Whether you use a laser system to engrave precious metals or create new jewelry from wood or acrylic, laser engraving jewelry provides that extra personalization that can mean something special. In fact, over the years laser engraving jewelry has become a very popular business thanks to the relatively small initial investment of a jewelry laser engraver combined with an easy to use engraving process. Recent economic issues surrounding the events of the world these past few years could be causing you some uncertainty about whether or not to start such a business, or even expand an existing business. The good news is a jewelry laser engraver is a high value, high productivity tool that can help increase revenue. With a jewelry laser engraver, businesses can offer a wide array of unique, custom products keeping their customers coming back for more and referring their friends.

To provide insights into this type of business and help increase your return on investment of a jewelry laser engraver, we will discuss a case study portion from our free eBook which you can download here:

Return on Investment: Starting a Business with Your Laser

Jewelry Laser Engraver Example: Ann’s Jewelry & Decor

Ann sees herself as an artist first and a businesswoman second. Her interest in a laser cutter is determined by its ability to demonstrate her artistic talents. Ann looks to make a nice supplement to her income with her crafts someday, perhaps with an Etsy store, or even starting her own E-commerce site. Ann works with mostly organic materials, such as wood, fabric, leather, and occasionally, acrylic, to make unique custom jewelry. Ann’s specialty is custom cufflinks with original engravings of her stylish designs. Ann has been making her crafts by hand but finds a jewelry laser engraver increases her production while reducing the time she spends manufacturing her designs. Ann loves spending more time thinking of new ideas for items and less time making them.

Ann considered many tools to get her business production off the ground, and then discovered Muse Series CO2 jewelry laser engraver system. Her Muse 3D autofocus laser machine offers her and her business many advantages.

Muse 3D Autofocus

Jewelry Laser Engraver: Low Buy-in Investment

Ann doesn’t need a large industrial laser cutter for her current business offering cufflinks and other jewelry. Desktop CO2 lasers like her Muse 3D Autofocus are considerably less expensive than high production and industrial grade CO2 laser cutters but can keep up with the pace of Ann’s small business production needs of laser engraving jewelry.

Jewelry Laser Engraver: Increase Productivity

Ann's desktop jewelry laser engraver has a work area of 20” x 12” which is plenty of space for laser engraving jewelry, and even laser cutting new jewelry designs. In fact, Ann discovered she can cut up ten cufflinks out of one piece of material. She duplicates her design ten times and lays them out side-by-side using laser control software like RetinaEngrave V3 (RE3). This allows Ann to cut ten pieces without having to change out material or run separate jobs. She saves this design file and now, every time she needs ten more cufflinks, it is all just a click away on her Muse machine. If she just wants to process multiples of the same file, she doesn’t even need to have her computer. After initializing the first laser engraving jewelry design for her cufflinks, she can then use the 7” touchscreen to repeat the job multiple times which increases her productivity and efficiency.

Jewelry Laser Engraver: Making a Profit

Ann has no problem selling her wonderful cufflinks; her real issue before having her jewelry laser engraver was making a profit when it takes an average of an hour to hand cut and carve one cufflink pattern and design by hand. But now with her laser machine, Ann can cut multiple cufflinks as one project in less than an hour. During that time Ann monitors her laser cutter while designing her next line of cufflinks.

Jewelry Laser Engraver: Expanding the Business

Ann discovers she can easily create new designs while keeping the basic shape and size of the cufflinks. Once her business had grown and the return on her original investment had more than paid for her Muse 3D Autofocus jewelry laser engraver, she realized she could take things to the next level and do custom engravings on metal cufflinks using a galvo laser system like a Fiber or UV laser system. With ongoing demand from her existing customer base, she is able to expand and keep growing. She is even able to take everything she learned on the desktop jewelry laser engraver and apply it to her new galvo laser since it uses the same RE3 software with identical user interface.


Muse UV Galvo and Muse Fiber Galvo

Return on Investment: Free eBook

Laser engraving jewelry is a business with a lot of opportunities to grow with a jewelry laser engraver, but it is just one of many businesses that can benefit. If you would like to learn more about how a laser system can grow your business, get your copy of our free eBook here.

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