Inspire. Design. Create.  Three words that are an integral part of our purpose: Develop laser technology that easily enables the design and creation of beautiful physical things conceived by one's inspiration.


That purpose guides us in developing extremely versatile laser systems which range in size from desktop units to industrial-grade production machines. It guides us in supporting our customers with USA-based live support.


Discover our wide range of laser cutters and engravers. We're confident you'll quickly find the right laser system for your specific needs.

Muse Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver Machines

Muse desktop CO2 lasers are the most versatile laser cutting and engraving machines on the market. With must-have features that include metal components, an LCD touchscreen, removable floor, 3D camera and autofocus options plus RetinaEngrave v3.0 software, the creative possibilities are endless.  Designed to fit in any space and through any single door.

Muse Fiber Galvo Laser Machines

Searching for superior laser engraving capabilities on metal or polymers? Muse Galvo Fiber laser machines are the best choice. Need enhanced capabilities including marks not normally possible such as black on anodized aluminum or deeper blacks/multicolor on steel? The MOPA source is an ideal option.

Muse UV Galvo Laser Machine

When it comes to laser marking, the Muse UV Galvo Laser System can't be beat. With a spot size that is 3x smaller than a fiber laser and 30 times smaller than most CO2 lasers, it delivers the versatility of marking on a wide variety of materials. Experience faster processing and finer details with the Muse UV Open Galvo.

P-Series High Volume Laser Cutting and Engraving Systems

P-Series is designed for higher volume laser cutting and engraving output. P-Series CO2 laser models range in workspace from 20"x12" to 48"x36". All P-Series lasers feature passthrough doors for handling longer materials. 


P-Series is perfect for business use and a great tool for home users who want to take their creations to the next level. 

MC Series Industrial Laser Systems

The MC Series laser systems are designed for industrial-scale production needs. Systems range from the 4' x 8' flatbed fiber laser system for cutting metal to the high speed 51" x 34" dual head CO2 laser machine for high volume output. These laser productivity workhorses feature sturdy construction with oversized work areas. 


MC Series laser systems deliver the fast laser production speed and efficiencies you need for just about any large-scale project. 

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