The Muse CO2 laser series has always been at the forefront of desktop laser cutting and laser engraving machines. From making original art to starting your own small business, the Muse Core, Muse 3D and Muse Titan laser cutter and engraver machines are ideal.


The Muse series includes exclusive features that enhance productivity for both beginner and expert makers alike, and it’s easy to set up. You can be up and running in minutes.

Muse Core and Muse 3D: The Ideal Desktop Laser Machine


New: Muse Titan v3 - Larger Workspace. Larger Possibilities.

Take your laser cutting and engraving creations to the next level with the large 48"x24" workspace and more powerful laser tube options. Titan comes packed with the latest features including motorized autofocus, patented removable floor, pass through capabilities and more. Best of all the Muse Titan CO2 laser machine is a larger desktop option yet still fits through a standard door. New for 2023 is the Titan v3 with integrated water cooling and steel linear rails on all axes. Improved new precision 3D camera algorithms.

Choose the Muse Laser Machine That's Right for You

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