Desktop Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment

Posted by Travis Richards on Jul 15th 2022

Desktop Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment

What is a Desktop Laser Engraver With Rotary Attachment?

There are many possibilities when working with a laser engraving machine. Most projects are designed on a two dimensional plane and the gantry system moves on the x-axis and y-axis to cut the material or produce rasterized engravings. One of the struggles that many users have is that they want to engrave on round objects like glasses, tumblers, and bottles, but the laser will lose focus as it moves across the rounded edge of these objects.

There is a solution for this problem: the desktop laser engraver with rotary attachment. These attachments replace the y-axis in the laser engraver and rotate the object so the engraving will always be on the same focus plane. Rotary attachment for laser engravers are usually friction based systems that rely on gravity and a series of friction wheels to rotate the round object. The other type of system that is often seen uses a chuck style attachment to grasp the object for rotation. The chuck style rotary systems are typically higher in profile than a friction based system, but they have the ability to grasp and rotate oddly shaped objects. The friction systems rely on the object to be round so the friction wheels can roll it properly.

Desktop Laser Rotary: Terms

  • Friction Rotary: A rotary system that rotates round objects with a series of friction wheels and is assisted by gravity. This is the system used in Muse Desktop CO2 Laser engravers
  • Chuck Rotary: A rotary system that uses a chuck attachment to grasp the end of the round object in order to rotate it. Due to their taller size, this type of rotary is typically reserved for larger high-production laser engraver systems like the P-Series Lasers and open fiber galvo systems (ie: Muse Series Fiber Lasers).
  • Riser: A platform to elevate the laser engraving machine in order to extend the z-height in the workspace to allow larger objects such as rotary attachments to fit inside the enclosed workspace.
  • Removable Floor: The patented system in the Muse Series desktop lasers that makes it possible to extend the z-height of the workspace which allows the riser and rotary features to be usable.

Desktop Laser Rotary: Applications

Rotary devices are typically attachments that are limited to the larger high-production laser cutters and engravers (such as the P-Series laser systems), but through innovative engineering, the patented removable floor on the Muse Series desktop CO2 lasers is utilized to allow a riser to be attached. This riser extends the vertical height of the workspace to increase by up to 6 inches, allowing room for a friction rotary attachment to be used inside the machine.

With the rotary system attached to the Muse Core or 3D Autofocus laser systems and placed inside the riser, there is enough room to fit up to a four and a half inch diameter round object for engraving. Though, this is only the limit for the rotary attachment when it is placed inside the riser. Many users have developed innovative mounting systems to lift their Muse Desktop CO2 Laser and allow even larger diameter objects to be engraved with the rotary attachment. Because the rotary attachment that is used in the Muse series desktop lasers is a friction based system, it makes it very easy to engrave on virtually any size of round object. The diameter does not have to be measured and entered into the software like it does for the chuck style rotary systems.

Desktop Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment: Limitless Possibilities

The Muse Series desktop laser systems are among the most versatile laser systems on the market. These systems are set up to give you control over your creations. If you have an idea, there is most likely a way for you to implement that idea with a Muse Desktop Laser.

Not only does the removable floor feature give you the ability to engrave large flat objects that wouldn’t normally fit inside a desktop laser engraver, it gives you the ability to engrave on larger round objects as well. When most people think of a rotary attachment for a laser, they immediately think of cups. But take a look around and see what other round objects that you can engrave, such as baseball bats or rolling pins. Once you see the possibilities that you have with Muse Desktop Laser Engraver with rotary attachment, your mind will begin to flood with ideas and your creativity will take over.

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