Muse Rotary Riser Combo


Product Overview

Specifically designed for the Muse case, the Muse Riser sits below giving expanding the ability to engrave objects up to 7.25" (184mm) thick while maintaining a fully enclosed Class II laser safety status.  

The bottom is still removable on the Muse Riser to give unlimited Z depth (converts to Class IV machine with no bottom).

Using the Muse Rotary you can engrave round objects like wine bottles and glasses. Designed specifically to plug into the Muse rotary attachment port, a motor spins your object to engrave 360 degrees.

Includes the riser extension and the rotary attachment.

Compatible Models: Muse Core, Muse 2D, Muse 3D

5" Lens required to use the passthrough with the Muse CO2 Laser Systems

Product Videos