Muse-Series Rotary (Friction)


Product Overview

Using the Muse-Series Rotary you can engrave round objects like tumblers, wine bottles and glasses. Designed specifically to plug into the rotary attachment port, a motor spins your object to engrave 360 degrees.  Each rotary is specifically designed and programmed to function with your machine.

PLEASE NOTE:  This does not include the Riser for the 5th Gen, 5S, Muse Core, Muse 2D and Muse 3D models.  If you need the Riser as well, please follow this link to go to the Rotary Riser Combo page (Riser only available for Muse Core and 3D).


Compatible With: Muse Core, Muse 3D, Muse Titan, Muse Galvo
(Contact sales to verify compatibility with legacy machines:, 702-802-3101)