Best Lasers For Small Business

Apr 19th 2023

Best Lasers For Small Business

Are you a small business owner looking for a way to add personal touches to your product? Want to boost your brand's standing without breaking the bank, then you need a laser engraver. Laser engravers are popular with small businesses since they are affordable, versatile, and easy to use. No matter the industry, a laser engraver can create custom designs on a variety of different materials, such as wood, metal, and glass. One of our latest articles was on “Return on Investment”, how a laser engraver can benefit a small business. However, choosing a starting laser for your business can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss the most popular laser engraver models and why small businesses purchase these machines.

Muse Core

The Muse Core is our base model. It’s a wonderful machine for companies that are just starting out due to its compact design and its ability to cut materials. The Muse Core can fit into any workspace with ease. It possesses a 20” by 12” work area making it suitable for cutting or engraving small to medium sized products. The Muse Core is capable of engraving on materials such as acrylic, glass, rubber, and even natural products like stone and wood. The Muse Core has a simple method of manual focusing and is equipped with Full Spectrum Lasers custom software, RetinaEngrave V3.

Muse 3D

The Muse 3D is the enhanced version of the Muse Core. The 3D in the name comes from the 3D camera equipped that increases the machine's capabilities. Unlike the Muse Core, the Muse 3D has an autofocusing function and a variety of Camera related functions, such as the ability to capture the work space. The Muse 3D comes with its own cooling system called the Muse Coolbox, which can be purchased separately for the Muse Core. The Muse Coolbox serves as both the water system and air compressor.

The Muse Core and the Muse 3D both weigh around 50 lbs and come with either a 40W or 45W laser tube. Additionally, both machines are compatible with our Muse Riser for easier engravement of taller materials. The Riser also makes it possible to use a rotary attachment with the machine. Full Spectrum Laser offers a Riser-Rotary combo for those interested in both.

Muse Titan

If you're aiming for medium to large projects, then the Muse Titan is the likely choice. Like the Muse 3D, the Muse Titan is also an enhanced version of the Muse Core. It was designed with the idea of it being a large, compact machine. It has a work space size of 48” by 24” and weighs a little over 200 lbs. The Muse Titan comes with all the functionality of the Muse 3D and is similar in pricing. The Muse Titan also comes with a built-in passthrough that makes it possible to use the machine with larger items. The Muse Titan has three laser tube options: a 75W, 90W, or 100W laser tube. If you have the space, a Muse Titan will make a great addition to your business.


The Pro-Series machines are a customer favorite due to their large, bulky looks. The PS20 is the smallest of the Pro machines, having a 20” by 12” work space, similar to the Muse Core and 3D. However, all Pro machines have a built-in passthrough to allow for greater engraving capabilities. The PS 20 is priced in the middle of these machines, being more than a Muse Core and less than a Muse 3D and Muse Titan. The PS 20 is available with a 45W or 75W laser tube.

Ready to bring your small business to new heights? With our Muse and Pro Series laser engravers, you’ll have the power to add personal touches to your products and create customs designs to boost your brand’s standing.Whether you're just starting out or looking for something to elevator your business to new heights, we have the laser engraver to fit your needs and budget. Contact us here and learn more. Take your first step in upgrading your business now.