Pistol Engraving

Feb 1st 2024

Pistol Engraving

In today’s competitive market, Full Spectrum Laser is always on the lookout for ways to help our users improve their products and services. In the firearm business, investing in cutting edge technology is the key to staying ahead of competitors. In this article we will discuss how getting a Fiber or MOPA Galvo can be a smart investment that will provide large returns.

Engraving firearms requires high precision and versatility. Performing these engravings traditionally by hand is a time consuming and costly method. Metal is a hard material to engrave, requiring special tools and years of experience to produce a high quality engraving. An expert is needed to engrave metal as they need to be versatile and creative enough to adjust their designs to fit any mistakes they may make. This also means that not all engravings are the same.

However by upgrading to a Fiber, UV or MOPA Galvo, you get a machine capable of engraving metal with great accuracy. The built-in Retina Engrave v3 software is user-friendly, requiring little training to operate. Whether you are looking to mark your products with your logo, serial numbers, engrave at ATF depth, or add a custom design, our machine can deliver concise, clear engravings each time. Being able streamline your manufacturing in an industry with such strict regulations will not only save time and money.

What can I engrave with a Galvo laser?

A majority of owner-operators use their laser to enhance three items that all firearms use: the magazine, the slide, and the stippling. Why are these items so popular? Magazines are a great way to start expanding your product line as it can be bought in bulk and engraved with a variety of different designs to attract new customers. Every modern firearm has a magazine. Not only is it necessary to use one, but many enthusiasts go out of their way to find detailed magazines.

The most purchased or maintained part of the firearms are the slide and frame. Both the slide and frame are used to hold the firearm but if they are too smooth the arm is prone to slipping. For that reason, users started to place grip tape on the frame to improve the hold. However, with the introduction of laser engravers, many companies have taken to adding serrations to their slides or stippling to their frames to better improve their gripping effectiveness. These engravings will not only improve comfort and control but can also visually enhance the piece's look, increasing its overall value.

Besides engraving metals, our laser machines can engrave acrylics, plastics, leather, and even organic materials like stone and wood. The versatility provided by the Galvo makes it a cost-effective means to not only improve but expand your production. UV Galvos specialize in engraving polymer materials, making it easier to engrave items like Glock accessories. MOPA Galvos have the additional ability to engrave stainless steel materials in color. Regardless of what your specialty may be, you will be able to create unique designs or offer customization options that cater to individual clients.

Another advantage using a Galvo machine is its engraving speed and low maintenance cost. While traditional engraving can take anywhere from hours to days or weeks depending on the complexity, Galvo machines are able to perform the same jobs ten times faster than a professional with little to no waste. Professional engravers used acid and specialized tools that need to be replaced regularly, however a Galvo laser can be operated for over 100,000 work hours with just minor maintenance.

For more information on how a Galvo laser machine can be used to increase your return on investment, take a look at our blog here or look at our ebooks here. While the initial investment may seem large, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. Stay ahead of the competition by purchasing a Full Spectrum Laser Fiber or MOPA Galvo machine and increase your productivity today.