ROI: Firearms Engraving

Jun 9th 2023

ROI: Firearms Engraving

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, customization and personalization has become the most prominent trend across various industries. One industry in particular has had a significant increase in demand for customization, the firearm industry. The firearms industry has witnessedwitness a surge of customers in recent years, causing manufacturing to increase. In particular laser engravers have become a popular method for branding logos, serial numbers, identification marks, and other personal ideas onto firearms. This blog aims to explore the return on investment (ROI) associated with engraving firearms.

The Muse Galvo from Full Spectrum Laser offers firearm professionals and enthusiasts the ability to transform ordinary firearms into unique collector’s pieces. Given the growing community, both the industry and its customers are always constantly seeking products to enhance their firearm experience to feel more personal. The preferred customization choices of the firearm community are: magazines, slides, and stippling. We will be discussing the factors customers consider when choosing these options and how you will be able to make a profit through their implementations.

Serial Numbers:

As mentioned, laser engravers are used for marking serial numbers, which is a legal requirement on certain components of firearms. These serial numbers are needed for them to be sold. Marking these components is usually a time consuming process; however, with the laser engraver it can be completed in minutes.


Since the creation of detachable magazines, firearms have been designed to implement their use. Similar to individuals purchasing car stickers that reflect their individuality, magazines have evolved into items that showcase an individual's personality. Numerous businesses have taken it upon themselves to offer custom magazines, engraving their own designs or using the customers if they desire.

By acquiring a laser engraver for your business, you can engrave your magazines and sell them at twice the original price. Additionally, you can offer an engraving service, giving individuals the chance to engrave the magazines they already own. For instance, if you sell 10 engraved magazines for $30 each, and engrave another 10 magazines for $15 dollars each, you’ll have a profit of $450.


Similar to magazines, slides can be engraved with a design or logo. Companies can charge anywhere from $5 per letter to $75 for a design. Alternatively, if you have confidence in your engraving abilities, then you can offer custom serrations for slides. Serrations on guns are used to enhance the users grip. Serrations are usually worn down with time and will need to be redone, going for about $150 to $300.


Stippling, like serrations, aims to improve the grip for the user. While serrations are typically performed on slides, stippling is commonly used on the frame of the firearm. The cost of stippling generally costs around $200, with more complex patterns going for $300.

By offering engraving services for the entire firearm you are more likely to attract customers and increase your chances of making a sale. Imagine, in the first month 5 customers bring in a firearm to engrave both the slide and frame. You could generate an additional profit of $2,500 or more.

As demand for firearms has continued to rise, so does the desire for customizability. The ROI for firearms is full of vast potential. In addition to fulfilling the practical needs like identification, it can also be used as a means for numerous firearm owners to obtain the means to personalize their purchases. Investing in a laser engraver becomes a strategic choice for both professionals and enthusiasts. Contact Full Spectrum Laser today and start expanding your business today. We offer financing options here.