Laser Engraving Stone

Posted by Andrea Rosas on Mar 20th 2023

Laser Engraving Stone

Stone engraving has been a time-honored craft for centuries. Dating back to prehistoric times, when sharp tools were used to curve images and symbols onto stone surfaces. Throughout the ages, stone marking has been used for decorative and ritualistic purposes. Stone marking became more sophisticated with the development of skilled artisans in Ancient Egypt. They, along with the Greeks and Romans carved intricate images, hieroglyphs, and inscriptions on stone tablets, statues, and tombs.

The world of stone engraving is now entering a new era. Due to recent advancements in technology, stone engraving machines have been made available. The most prominent of these machines is the laser engraver. These machines have made it possible to engrave stones with great precision and ease. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a laser engraver on stone and how they have affected the stone industry.

Why engrave stone?

Stone is a widely used material in various applications from construction to memorial art to home decor. Laser engravers use a laser beam to etch designs onto the stone. There are many benefits that come from using a laser engraver on stone over traditional engraving methods.


Traditionally stone was engraved using chisels to carefully etch the chosen design into the stone. It is a delicate, time consuming process that usually requires the work of a seasoned professional, as a small mistake can ruin the artwork. However, laser engravers have the ability to perform precise engravings. Some machines (like our UV Galvo ) are even capable of engraving down to a millimeter.


As mentioned before stone engraving involved the use of a chisel. Engraving stone by hand is a time consuming process that requires a lot of care, as a misplaced strike would cause the artist to start over. As a result, traditional engraving often takes days if not weeks to make, causing them to be sold for high prices. A laser engraver will not have that problem as a design can be engraved in hours. This makes it possible to engrave larger, more complex designs with ease.


Traditional stone engravings take time to make. If a mistake were to damage the design, then a new stone will have to be prepared. This will inevitably affect the cost of the final product. Laser engravers do not have that problem as they can engrave the material consistently and uniformly, reducing the likelihood of errors and saving on material.


Laser engravers can engrave on a variety of surfaces, such as marble, granite, and slate. Making it possible to create a new range of projects, such as plaques, decorative tile, wall art, and even headstones. Laser engravers are also sold in various sizes making it possible to engrave objects of various sizes with ease.

What kind of laser engraver is used on stone?

CO2 machines are usually used to engrave stone, however Fiber and UV lasers can also be used on stone. For larger designs a CO2 laser, such as our Muse Titan, should be used. If the goal is to engrave smaller, more intricate designs, then a Fiber or UV Galvo laser would work better.

Laser engravers have started to transform the stone engraving industry. They have made the engraving process faster, as well as more precise, and accessible. It is now possible to engrave on different types of stone with intricate designs at unbelievable speeds. New opportunities are coming for the stone engraving industry as businesses start to offer unique and personalized products. Buy a laser engraver from Full Spectrum Laser here and start your own stone age.