Laser Engraving Machines for Metal: Three Key Considerations

Posted by Travis Richards on Apr 14th 2022

Laser Engraving Machines for Metal: Three Key Considerations

Are you searching for the best laser engraving machines for metal, but don’t know where to begin? A great start is looking at fiber laser systems. These laser engraving machines for metal are ideal and purpose-built for this application but with all the options currently available, that search can be very daunting. This article is designed to help narrow down that extensive search on laser engraving machines for metal and provide a good starting point. 

Key Considerations for Laser Engraving Machines

The key element for laser engraving machines is power. When it comes to fiber laser engraving machine power, here are three key considerations to look at in order to determine performance and a successful outcome.

  • Depth
  • Efficiency
  • Durability

Understanding these three factors and how your work will be affected by them is critical to achieving successful laser engraving for metal. Let's take each of these factors and go into more depth on them to help you better understand how they will affect your process.


It goes without saying that a 50 watt (W) fiber laser engraving machine is more powerful than a 20W fiber laser engraving machine. So if you run both powers side by side, doing the exact same thing at the exact same speed, you’ll get deeper results from the 50W machine.

In order to achieve the same depth on the 20W fiber laser engraving machine that you would on the 50W machine, you’ll have to do many many more passes. And even then, your results probably won't be as good as if you had just used the 50W machine to begin with.

Also, the more heat conductive and light reflective the materials are, the harder it will be for a fiber laser machine to engrave. So if you need to work with metals that have these qualities, then the recommended approach is to look at a 50W fiber laser engraving machine.

If you just want to mark and do light etching on metals, then a 20W fiber laser will be perfect. 

If you’re looking to make deeper engravings, then we’d recommend going with a 50W fiber laser.


The time needed to finish projects can be very crucial when determining the best laser engraving machine for metal. Many materials will mark quickly at lower powers, which means you can run a 20W laser at higher speeds to get great results.

But as was mentioned before, you’ll have varied results with different types of metals. So just like with depth, the lower power of a 20W fiber laser will take longer to mark on some materials. If you use a 50W fiber laser, then you’ll be able to make the same quality of marking but at higher speeds.

So determine what you are going to be engraving and if the time needed to finish a project is a very important factor, then it would be optimal to invest in a 50W fiber laser engraving machine.

Efficiency is always a factor that can be overlooked, especially when reviewing results. So keep this in mind if time needed to finish a project is critical for you.


Let's briefly review what we have just discussed. If you need to get deeper markings with your fiber laser engraving machine, but you only have a 20W, then you’ll have to run many more passes with the laser to get the same results as a 50W machine. And if you are going to be running your machine at slower speeds, then the laser will be firing for longer periods of time.

That all adds up to wear and tear. After all is said and done, a 50W fiber laser will be more durable simply because it won’t need to be fired as long as a 20W machine. So if you are going to be doing a lot of work, and the laser is an essential component to your workflow, then it might be beneficial to consider a 50W fiber laser engraving machine

Final Thoughts:

When we look at these factors– Depth, Efficiency, and Durability– the answer for maximizing performance naturally seems to be to invest in a 50W machine for metal laser engraving. If you review all of the above considerations that have been outlined and your situation requires high performance for all three, then yes that could be your best option. 

But if you don’t have the budget, or if this will just be for light use, then a 20W laser engraving machine for metal might be all you need. 

This article was designed as a quick guide for just about anyone to be able to review their situation and determine an initial path to consider. Of course, depending on your particular situation and needs, more detailed research could be required.  

Regardless of the outcome, whether it's a 20W or a 50W Muse Open Galvo or Muse Pandora fiber laser engraving machine, you’ll love it. If you are worried about budget, we have financing options that can get you into a Fiber laser engraving machine at a rate that will match what you can afford.

Check out our video on this topic below for additional information.

As usual, we are here to help. If you have any questions, or if you need further clarification, just reach out to us at Full Spectrum Laser any time. We want to make sure you get the best laser just as much as you do. Feel free to contact our team at Full Spectrum Laser for any questions or assistance.