Muse UV Galvo

355nm Laser

Fast, Precise Laser Marking

UV Laser Machine

Faster. Finer.

Introducing the new Muse UV Galvo laser marking system.The Muse Galvo series now adds an ultraviolet (UV) laser to the best Galvo lineup on the market. This machine delivers superior laser marking on just about any material.


The 355nm laser source has a spot size that is 3 times smaller than a fiber laser, and 30 times smaller than most CO2 lasers.  The Muse UV laser achieves 100x faster processing times and 30x finer details.


To learn more about Galvo Lasers, read our blog article "An Introduction to Galvo Fiber and UV Lasers"

Must-Have Features

UV Laser 3D Camera

Intel 3D RealSense Camera:

Map millions of 3D data points to create a 3D workspace.

(Time of Flight upgrade option available.)

UV Laser Autofocus

Motorized Z Axis and Auto-focus: 

Using 3D height data, the Motorized Z-Stage automatically focuses multiple times to mark non-flat objects.

UV Laser Software

RetinaEngrave v3.0:

The software lives on the laser and is accessed via web browser.  Now with AI Powered 3D Vision!

UV Laser cooling system

Air Cooled:

Naturally aspirated source. No need for any extra air ducting or water tubing.

Many Applications

The UV laser is capable of marking on a wide variety of materials.  When you get a CO2 or a Fiber laser, you are limited to what materials you can work with.  A UV laser system takes the best of both technologies being able to mark on a wide array of materials.


The UV Laser is able to mark with extremely fine detail and clarity.  In fact, it can mark up to 3 times finer detail than the standard Fiber Laser, and 30x finer details than a CO2 Laser.


UV lasers can be used on metals, plastics, glass, ceramics and many other materials.  If you have a project, the Muse UV Open Galvo will most likely be able to leave its mark.


Want to learn more about laser marking possibilities? Read our blog article "UV Laser: Mark Virtually Anything".

Subsurface Laser Engraving Using Optional Lens

Unlike CO2 lasers which can only mark the surface of glass, the Muse UV Open Galvo laser is capable of subsurface glass marking, up to 4" deep into a block of glass. Subsurface marks like text, logos and other images float in the middle of the glass and are ultra durable as well as tamperproof. Requires 3D subsurface glass marking lens.  Contact our sales team for more information.

Intuitive Software

Ideal Accessories

Accessorize your Muse UV Open Galvo laser and expand your capabilities even further.

Rotary Attachment:

Engrave round objects such as glasses, tumblers, and more.

Fume Extractor:

A great solution if your Muse is not in a well ventilated area.