Invest in a Smart Laser Cutter for Schools and STEM Education

When it comes to finding a laser cutter for schools, the ideal choice is Full Spectrum Laser. We support STEM education by providing best-in-class laser cutting, engraving technology and support for the classroom.


At Full Spectrum Laser, we believe in a better tomorrow through technology that creates understanding and opportunity for all students. We are committed to providing education opportunities that inspire future innovators in science and engineering. See how our laser technology can benefit your STEM programs. 


Looking to learn more about how a laser cutter can fit into a school's program? Read our blog article "Laser Cutters in School"


Laser Cutters for School

Must-Have Features. Built to Last.

Choosing a Full Spectrum Laser for STEM education is a smart investment. Read our blog article "Laser Cutters in STEM" Education for benefits and insights.


We offer one of the widest portfolios of laser cutters and engravers in the industry so we can meet virtually any specific educational needs.  Our lasers can easily handle a wide variety of materials including wood, glass, acrylic and more. Our lineup ranges from the highly popular Muse desktop laser cutters and engravers, to the P-Series high volume laser machines. 

Key features for our lasers include:

  • Removable floor or passthrough doors for larger materials and projects
  • LCD touchscreens for controlling major functions right at the machine
  • web hosted software, nothing to download, Mac/PC/Linux compatible
  • The ability to use a rotary (optional) for engraving on cylindrical objects like cups and tumblers

We dedicate ourselves to using only quality parts and components. That means metal casings for our laser cutters, not plastic. It means better optics and electronics inside. Plus our custom software and touchscreen interfaces can deliver a more intuitive and capable user experience for any student.

Young students working with a laser cutter

Resources and Support

Our education mission is to inspire the next generation of students to become new business leaders in the fields of technology and engineering. We present opportunities for students to develop skill sets for the modern economy by developing confidence and familiarity with high-tech machines and engineering principles.


Our offering doesn't stop at the machine. Full Spectrum Laser offers complete packages for Laser STEM classes, taking students through a wide range of lessons and laser projects.

USA Company

We are proud to be an American company, based in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Having our facilities in the US delivers many advantages -- from controlling and monitoring our quality inspection process to keeping us close at hand for customer support and quality control.

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