Rotary Attachment For Laser Engraving

Posted by Andrea Rosas on Apr 24th 2023

Rotary Attachment For Laser Engraving

For many laser users, a rotary attachment, simply known as “a rotary”, is an essential tool for laser use. Rotaries are often used by individuals looking to elevate their engravings to the next level. A rotary allows users to perform precise markings on cylindrical objects, such as tumblers and wine glass. In this article we will go over what a rotary is, the different types of rotaries that Full Spectrum Laser offers and what they are mainly used for.

What is a Rotary Attachment?

Rotary devices are used to rotate a cylindrical object at a constant speed while a laser machine performs the engraving, allowing for a consistent and even engraving to occur across the entire surface. The added precision that the rotary devices offer makes them a must-have tool for businesses that work on such items daily, such as a company that sells custom glasses or bottles.

Types of Rotary Attachments

Full Spectrum Laser offers two types of rotaries: the chuck rotary and the friction rotary. The chuck rotary makes use of three jaws to hold objects in place. It can be adjusted to accommodate different objects. The chuck rotary is typically used with wine glasses and larger objects due to its adjustability. Another reason chuck rotaries are used is because it is easy to set up and use.

On the other hand, friction rotaries use a rubber lining on rollers to hold the cylindrical object and have the object move using the resulting friction. They are used with tumblers and water bottles due to the curves present. Friction rotaries need to be calibrated before use to ensure the material rotates smoothly during the engraving process. Friction rotaries are generally cheaper and more compact than chuck rotaries. Additionally, friction rotaries are considered faster and quieter than chuck rotaries.


When it comes to applications, both the chuck and friction rotaries can be used to engrave most cylindrical objects. However chuck rotaries are better suited for objects that have the same diameter throughout, while friction rotaries are used on objects with diameter that differ in each end. The rotary used will depend on the types of object you're planning to engrave.

Full Spectrum Laser has Chuck and Friction rotaries compatible with both our Muse and Pro-Series machines. We also have a patented Low Profile Friction Rotary, which as the name suggests is a slimmer version or the friction rotary. It is compatible with our Muse Riser and can be used with all Muse machines.

If you're looking to try engraving a wine glass for a friend or looking to expand your business a rotary is the one for you. Check out a list of our rotaries here and get started on making your own custom pieces today.