Synchro Chuck Rotary V2


Product Overview

Rotary attachments rotate round/cylindrical objects so you can engrave the circumference of items like rings & tumblers.

This chuck rotary attachment is ideal for those who wish to engrave a variety of round/cylindrical objects. Compatible with the Muse UV, Muse Galvo, Muse MOPA, Muse Core, Muse 3D, & Muse Titan. 

Includes Rotary Software License for RetinaEngrave v3.

Synchro-Rotary allows continuous rotation while engraving for Galvo type machines as the laser is synchronized with the rotation. No split lines!

Other competitors only have indexing rotaries that rotate a fixed rotation instead of continuous rotation.  These always have misalignment on the rotation split line and require you to split the image so the rotation occurs between letters.

FSL Synchro-Rotary has no split line defects allowing things like complex graphics and images without nasty split lines through the image.

This product comes with a single chuck rotary, scissor steady rest, and interchangable chuck jaws for inside holds, outside holds, rings and round objects like golf balls.




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