LuVision3D MOPA


Product Overview

LuVision3D MOPA Fiber Galvo laser engraving and marking machine offers unbeatable performance. Easily engrave metal, polymers, and more with precision and experience enhanced capabilities with the MOPA source. Normal fiber lasers are single frequency but MOPA sources have adjustable pulse durations. Our special MOPA sources have 10x higher peak power to enable marks not normally possible such as black on anodized aluminum (normally it is only white) or deeper blacks/multicolor on steel. 

New! Powerful 60W, 100W, 200W MOPA lasers can cut through up to 3mm metals like aluminum, steel, brass.  Ideal for making small jewelry items like charms or cutting keys.  Example, a 12mm diameter circle with 100W MOPA can cut in about 50 secs in 1.2mm brass.  FSL sells only premium MOPAs as not all MOPAs are created equal: many lower cost lasers will not have enough peak energy to cut materials or achieve deep black markings.  For lower cost options, consider our economical 1064nm Q-Switched lasers

  • New Enclosure: Motorized front lid allowing full access from 3 sides to allow extra large items like a full size guitar or .308 hunting rifle to be engraved, included as standard
  • Full 3D Engraving on curved surfaces.  Upload STL/OBJ (from CAD or 3D Scanner) and FSL RE3 will project wrap your file around the surface.  Eg can do cylinders, cones or sphere without a rotary (around 90 degrees field of view).  Laser will move Z axis in sync with galvo and engrave slices for full 3d on a curved surface.  New for 2023.
  • WEB BROWSER BASED SOFTWARE - Nothing to download - Windows, Mac and Linux compatible. Try it here
  • OPEN PLATFORM - enables users to engrave objects larger than the machine itself.
  • SYNCRO ROTARY ATTACHMENT (optional) - allows for cylindrical objects such as cups to be engraved.  New! Synchro Rotary electronics/software coordinates laser galvo movement with the rotation axis for continuous engraving - no split lines!
  • SYNCRO LINEAR ATTACHMENT (optional) - extends the continuous engraving area by up to 1m by moving the material underneath the galvo while the galvo draws a synchronized laser beam
  • MATERIAL DATABASE - common materials such as aluminum, steel, black acrylic, lexan, leather, granite and more have built in presets for easy workflow.
  • 5" LCD TOUCH SCREEN - allows users to control major functions right from the machine.
  • 3D CAMERA POWERED MOTORIZED AUTOFOCUS - takes 3D images of what's inside your laser for extremely accurate design placement on multiple height objects.
  • ULTRA-PRECISION - Closed loop galvonometer scanners with encoder feedback project the laser beam with no additional mechanical parts such as belts, gears or pulleys to ensure perfect results each time.
  • AI Object Detection/Orientation: Using advanced Cloud GPU processing, automatically recognizes objects even in complex backgrounds and generates orientation for aligning markings automatically
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT - via phone and email.
  • Engraving+Cutting: Not only engraves but capable of cutting materials like 3mm steel/aluminum  with minimal splatter (100W+ recommended, much slower than 1000W+ CW lasers).
Tech Specs
What's Included
Weight & Dimensions
  • Engraving Area: 4" x 4" up to 6" x 6"
  • Machine Dimensions: 20" x 16" x 23"
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Motorized Z-Table Range: 3 " (75mm)
  • Laser Classification: Class 4
  • Laser Type: Pulsed Fiber Laser
  • Laser Power: 60w, 100W, 200W
  • Focus Lens Included: 160mm
  • Power Supply: AC 110v native (220V option available)
  • Gross Power: < 1000W
  • Operation Modes: Precision Raster, Vector, or Combination
  • Motion Control: X+Y= Galvanometer Z= STepper Motor
Material Vector Raster
  • RetinaEngrave v3.0
  • PC, Mac & Linux
Browser Compatibility
  • Google Chrome (recommended), Safari, Firefox, Edge
File Import Options
Wireless Compatibility
  • 802.11n
  • Power Supply Tower
  • MOPA Fiber Laser Source
  • Intel Real-Sense 3D Camera
  • 5 Inch Touch Screen
  • Optics
  • Z Stage

Fast and Versatile

Fast rotating stationary mirrors project a beam of light down with no physical movement of the laser head to allow up to 100x faster processing times. Muse Open Galvo is the best galvo engraving laser on the market and keeps getting better with Intel’s RealSense, LCD touchscreen functions and the powerful, yet easy-to-use, self-hosted browser based RetinaEngrave v3.0 laser control and design software. From creating original art to starting your own small business, Muse offers the best, most innovative technology in the desktop laser market.


3D Scan-Mark with Motorized Autofocus

The Muse Galvo utilizes a Intel’s 3D RealSense camera to accurately map millions of 3D data points to create a 3D workspace. This allows multiple objects with varying heights to be engraved - all in one job simultaneously. The standard 3D Camera uses two stereo cameras combined with a laser dot projector to create the 3D height map. Also available is a Time of Flight (ToF) 3D Camera upgrade which measures the speed of light at millions of points to create the height map. ToF cameras are much better at resolving reflective and transparent objects which are otherwise unresolvable by the standard laser dot projector. Using 3D height data, objects outside a normal marking field of view are split and marked with the synchronized Z motor.



Power Options To Meet Your Needs

MOPA type laser sources available in 20W, 60W and 100W. Due to the extra parameters, MOPA laser control is more advanced and RE3 software comes with adjustable parameters / support for this source. With our MOPA laser machine you can adjust the frequency from 1-4000khz and the pulse width from 1-500ns. Typical fiber laser frequency can be adjusted from 20-80khz and pulse width is fixed at 120ns. The adjustability enables the possibility of engraving a myriad of different colors/effects on metal and the ability to apply a more intense beam on the material.


The Perfect Accessories

Synchro Rotary

Engrave curved objects with a rotary attachment.

Works 100x faster than non-galvo gantry based lasers

Use the 3D camera to determine object diameter

Work with tumblers, glassware and more.

Fume extractors, specialty focus lenses and more!


New! Motorized Linear Extension Rail Options

Available in 500mm and 1000mm lengths, the linear extension rail attaches to the bed and slides under the galvo.  This has two modes of operation:

1) Repeat job N times and slide for automatically making many copies of the same product in a production environment

2) Continuous engraving mode which scans a single line in the Y axis using the galvo and linear shifts the rail to continously engrave up to 300mmx1000mm (12"x39") in size.  Based on our synchro rotary technology, the engraving is synchronized between the movement of the stage and the galvo so there are no line breaks or other imperfections.

RetinaEngrave v3.0

The Best Laser
Control Software
on the Market!

The powerful, easy-to-use RetinaEngrave v3.0 software lives right on your laser and is accessed using your favorite web browser and operating system. Simply input the IP address of your machine into your browser address bar and you are ready to go. Best part? There's nothing to download, ever.

Welcome to the future of laser control & design software!

The Best Laser Control Software on the Market!



Polymers Open your application possiblities.Popular applications include firearms magazines.


Metals In the blink of an eye seemlessly engrave metals; aluminum, steel, copper, bronze, silver, gold and more!


Leather Customize leather goods and clothing with personalized engravings. Create unique belts, holsters, backpacks and more.


Stone Engrave onto a variety of rocks and crystals. The possibilities are endless.


Download the Muse Fiber MOPA User Manual

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