About Us

Since 2008, Full Spectrum Laser’s mission has been to develop laser technology that easily enables the design and creation of beautiful physical things conceived by imagination and inspiration. We believe in a better tomorrow through affordable, easy to use technology. We are committed to being meritorious leaders of our industry by consistently demonstrating expertise, integrity, and benefit to both the professional manufacturer and the growing hobby-maker movement.

As a leader in laser cutting and laser engraving systems for over 10 years with more than 50 full-time employees, Full Spectrum Laser ensures your purchase delivers years of reliable performance. Through constant research & development, product updates and incremental growth over the years we have created a legacy of stability and innovation. With most of our products benefiting from over five years of development and market availability, we are past the mistakes of idle promises. Our machines do what we say they do and our quality is confirmed with machines that have been in heavy use by professional manufacturers and hobbyists for years.

We are a world-class team of engineers, salespeople, marketers and operations personnel all working together in one location.  We design all electronics, software and mechanical hardware in-house for the tightest alignment of engineering disciplines.

Our systems range in size from desktop units and high-volume machines through industrial-grade production equipment.  Our machines are running all over the world: from grade schools to National Labs, garage startups and many Fortune 500 companies.

We are proud to be an American company, based in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Having our facilities in the US delivers many advantages -- from controlling and monitoring our quality inspection process to keeping us close at hand for customer support and quality control.

Discover the Full Spectrum Laser advantage today.