Cobot arm for automation. 5kg load, 800mm reach, 6 axis servo Robot


Product Overview

Automate your laser jobs with our Cobot arm.   

  • 5kg load, 800mm reach, 0.02mm resolution
  • Cobot is safe to use and will stop if hits something so you don't need a cage around it like other robots
  • Base unit has operator control panel and will replay motions after taught
  • Works with the joystick to put it into position and hit replay and it will replay however FSL can custom program smart motions
  • No end effector included but FSL can custom design or sell off the shelf vacuum or electric 2 or 3 finger grippers
  • FSL offers an end-end solution with custom programming/integration
  • Connection to our fiber mounted galvo lasers for expanded workspace
  • Connection to our fiber laser welders for automated welding
  • Advanced 2D and 3D vision available
  • Eliminate 3 shifts with 24x7 operation