Servo Driven Automatic Tapping Floating Robotic Arm


Product Overview

Making tapped holes has never been this easy.  This robot floating tapping arm is counterbalanced so all you do to make a tapped hole is drag the arm over a predrilled (holes made by our metal cutting fiber laser cutter are perfect) hole and hit the tap button to turn the through holes into perfectly straight threaded holes.

Select what type of tap and depth of tap from the easy to use touchscreen interface.

The integrated air springs automatically center over the hole and as the tapping motion begins, it pulls itself down without any additional intervention.  This is a huge time saver over a drill press with a tapping device because the work only needs to be clamped once and the arm moves over to different holes without reclamping.  

The integrated servo motor has automatic torque detection to sense the proper tapping speed and precise tapping depth.  

Automatically reverses and withdraws.

Taps most materials: steel, aluminum, wood and plastics 

Make perfect threads everytime with a push of a button.

Works with standard flute taps.  Selectable taps from M1-M36 or ISO 1/16" to 1 5/8" hole sizes.

Quick change tap holders for metric M3-M16.  Bolts to any table.

A must have tool for any shop that when making tapped holes and is one of the most used tools in our shop.