Synchro Rotary Attachment

Jun 9th 2023

Synchro Rotary Attachment

Rotary engraving has become an integral part of laser marking and engraving processes, allowing for precise and efficient customization on cylindrical objects. As technology evolves, software solutions are constantly improving to provide better results. In this blog, we will compare EZCad's software utilizing split lines and Full Spectrum Lasers' software, known as "Synchro Rotary," which enables continuous rotation. We will explore the advantages and limitations of each method, with a focus on achieving cleaner and more precise engravings.

EZCad's Split Lines: Segmented Engraving

EZCad, a widely used software solution for laser engraving systems, employs the split lines method for rotary engraving. Split lines divide the design into segments, producing visible steps causing imperfect engravings on cylindrical surfaces.

Full Spectrum Lasers' Synchro Rotary: Seamless Rotation for Cleaner Engravings

Full Spectrum Lasers' Synchro Rotary introduces a different approach to rotary engraving by enabling continuous rotation. This software feature offers unique advantages over split lines, especially when it comes to achieving cleaner engravings. Let's explore the benefits of Synchro Rotary:

  1. Smoother Engravings: With continuous rotation, Synchro Rotary ensures a consistent engraving speed throughout the process, resulting in smoother lines and reduced irregularities. This feature minimizes potential artifacts that can occur due to segmented engraving, delivering cleaner and more professional-looking engravings.
  2. Elimination of Visible Seam Lines: The seamless rotation of Synchro Rotary eliminates the visible seam lines that can be present when using split lines. This allows for a more seamless transition between engraved segments, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the engraved object.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency: Synchro Rotary optimizes the engraving process by minimizing the need for manual adjustments or possible recalibrations between segments. The continuous rotation ensures a streamlined workflow and reduces the setup time, making it an efficient option for high-volume production environments.

Full Spectrum Lasers' Synchro Rotary offers a valuable solution for rotary engraving. When deciding between your options, consider the specific requirements of your projects, the type of objects you frequently engrave, and the desired level of precision and efficiency.

Full Spectrum Lasers' Synchro Rotary contribute to enhanced rotary engraving capabilities. Whether you prioritize precision or cleaner engravings, Full Spectrum Lasers’ Synchro Rotary elevates your laser marking and engraving endeavors.