Metal Laser Cutter

Posted by Ashley Gutman on Jan 19th 2023

Metal Laser Cutter

Why A Metal Laser Cutter?

When you see those big metal signs outside of businesses or even just a fancy-lookin’ “Home Sweet Home” sign in your friend’s kitchen; Do you ever think “How are those signs usually made?” Well, with a metal cutter most likely! Cutting metal may look difficult, but with a fiber laser (like the Atlas Flatbed Metal Laser), getting through metal has never been easier! If you’re looking to cut through metal, a fiber laser is the way to go. Fiber laser cutters are one of the most efficient ways to rapidly cut through tough materials such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, and much more. From larger than life projects, to smaller, personalized gifts, a metal cutter is a great way to get that perfect cut!

Metal cutter: Laser Metal Cutters Compared To Other Metal Cutting Tools

Why do we recommend a laser as your go-to metal cutting tool? It’s simple; clean cuts, a faster process, and amazing results! In comparison to tools like cutting saws, shears, or snips; You can program your laser cutter to be as precise with the shapes, lines, or even word designs that you personally desire. In reality, other cutting tools can make projects feel a bit more complicated in comparison to how fast & efficient a metal cutter works!

Another kind of metal cutting device we like to compare laser cutters to are CNC plasma cutters. CNC plasma cutters are like laser metal cutters; computer-run systems. Plasma cutting tables have lots of slag in comparison to lasers. Lasers are virtually free of any slag, so no post-processing is necessary to remove it. Plasma cutters also use wet tables sometimes which can be messy! Plasma cutters also have a kerf that is huge and sloppy compared to a laser. In order to cut a 3mm hole with a plasma cutter, it might cut an misshaped hole that's 4 X 7mm’s due to their nature - Very inaccurate!

Metal Cutter: Capabilities

Now that you know what metal cutters can do, let’s go over what they are capable of! One of the great things about the Atlas Alloy Metal Cutter in specific, is that it is energy efficient. It provides the lowest running cost for cutting metal. It can cut through carbon & stainless steel, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, and copper plate. You can find the exact cutting capacities to these materials below.

Metal Cutter: Applications

The best thing about metal cutting projects are the results and just how small or big you can go! There are so many things you can do with a metal cutter. Think small, think large, think simple, personal, intricate! The possibilities are endless. With metal cutters, you can really dig deep into the details that you want! With such clean cuts that a metal cutter provides, the applications look flawless. If you need to cut metal with extreme precision and speed, get yourself a metal cutter!

Metal Cutter: Inspiration

For more metal cutter ideas & projects please visit our youtube channel.