Laser Welding VS. Traditional Welding

Posted by Andrea Rosas on May 10th 2023

Laser Welding VS. Traditional Welding

Since the conception of modern welding in 1881 by Auguste de Meritens, welding has been a popular method for binding metals together. Welding is the technique of joining two metals together using heat to melt and fuse the two metals. It is a quick and efficient method that does not require adhesives or nails, saving money overall. Welding quickly rose to common use in the various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction, and gained an integral role in modern engineering.

As laser cutters and laser engravers gain more popularity in recent years, laser welders are rising to the forefront for welders. Laser welders are welding machines that use a high energy laser beam to join metals together. In the following article we will talk about what the advantages are of using a laser welder over the traditional method and why you should own our Air Cooled Laser Welder.

Ease of Use

Laser Welders do not produce the large flames many come to associate with welding. Instead the laser welder uses a fiber laser source to produce a controlled laser beam. The size and pattern generated from the laser can be controlled directly using the wobble settings.

As a result, the laser welders are less harmful to the user and are much easier to control. This makes it possible for even novice welders to perform their first proficient welding within a few hours. The reduced risk to users means that less safety equipment is needed when using a laser welder. We will recommend using personal protection equipment, but as the risk of burns is significantly reduced, some items, such as the gloves, can be substituted for lighter equipment.


The Laser Welder is an incredibly versatile machine, able to change between three welding types: Continuous Wave, Shooting, and Pulse. As the name implies, continuous wave fires the wave continuously, while Pulse fires the laser beam in bursts. The shooting setting can serve as an in-between of both. It will fire the laser beam as long as the trigger is used or it can be pre-programmed to fire the laser for set intervals. Combined with the wobble feature, this machine makes it easy to perform different welds with minor effort.

Precision & Speed

Laser welders have a higher degree of precision and accuracy than traditional methods. This is due to the laser beam's ability to focus on smaller areas, allowing for a more precise control of heat output. This results in a reduction of material deformation caused by heat and reduces the overall welding time.

Traditional welding is a slow process since it involves using an electric arc to melt and fuse parts together. The process requires a skilled welder to work carefully to create a string, reliable weld, resulting in traditional welding taking much time. However, laser welders use the precision of a laser beam to melt the metal much faster and in much smaller areas, reducing the possibility of material warping.

Cost- Effective

The Laser Welder is capable of welding a large number of materials such as aluminum, copper, steel,titanium, and glass with little to no post-welding processing. As mentioned before laser welders are able to use laser beams to melt the metal in a way that reduces the possibility of material warping. The result is a significant decrease in wasted materials and the minimization of welding materials makes the laser welder more cost efficient compared to traditional welding.

Why should I buy the FSL Laser Welder?

What sets apart our laser welder from our competitors is that our laser welder is offered as both water and air cooled.

Water-cooled laser welders typically use external water systems for their machine, which can be an issue if you have limited space in your work areas. Water-cooled machines are far heavier as the water tank has to hold a minimum amount of water. Additionally, water cooled machines are always susceptible to potential leakage and must be checked regularly.

By having our machine available as an air cooled machine, it allows us to use a more compact and portable design, making it a better option for situations when mobility is needed. Similarly, air cooled laser welders have their cooling system integrated and can fit into smaller areas with ease.

Are you tired of dealing with the strict safety rules and difficulties of learning associated with traditional welding methods? Upgrade to the future of welding with our Air Cooled Laser Welder. With its ease of use, versatility, precision, and cost-effectiveness, it's the perfect solution for all your welding needs. Our compact design makes it more portable and easier to use in limited spaces. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of this innovative technology. Invest in our Laser Welder today and revolutionize the way you work with metal. Contact us here for more information.