Introducing the NEW Linear Slide Accessory for Galvo Lasers

Jul 20th 2023

Introducing the NEW Linear Slide Accessory for Galvo Lasers

Do you sometimes feel like your workspace is too small? Do you ever wish you could engrave larger objects on your Galvo? Full Spectrum Laser has developed a new linear rail to expand your workspace, making it possible to engrave larger items while still maintaining the precision that our Galvos are known for. We call this latest innovation, the Synchro Linear Stage, a groundbreaking accessory that expands galvo laser work areas, opening up new possibilities and expanding the horizons of laser-based manufacturing.

Galvo lasers have long been favored for their incredible speed and precision. Unlike traditional CO2 lasers that utilize a gantry system to move the laser head, galvo lasers use galvanometer mirrors to direct the laser beam rapidly and accurately. This setup enables them to achieve remarkable marking and engraving speeds, making them ideal for high-volume production environments.

However, one limitation of galvo laser systems has been their restricted work area due to the small deflection angle of the galvanometer mirrors. This limitation meant that larger workpieces could not be processed in a single operation, requiring time-consuming repositioning or even preventing certain projects from being executed altogether.

The Synchro Linear Stage is a revolutionary accessory designed by Full Spectrum Laser to address the constraints of the traditional galvo laser work area. This cutting-edge add-on effectively extends the working range of galvo lasers, allowing manufacturers to process larger materials and work on more extensive projects with ease.

The concept behind the Synchro Linear Stage is ingeniously simple yet remarkably effective. The stage integrates seamlessly with existing galvo laser systems and acts as an intermediary platform between the workpiece and the galvanometer mirrors. By synchronizing the movement of the linear stage with the laser's galvo mirrors, the laser beam can effectively cover a significantly larger work area.

Full Spectrum Laser's Synchro Linear Stage is a game-changer in the realm of laser technology. By addressing the limitations of traditional galvo laser work areas, this accessory propels the industry forward, opening up new opportunities for manufacturers and designers alike. As the technology continues to evolve, we can look forward to a future where laser-based manufacturing knows no bounds, and creative expression reaches unprecedented heights.

The linear stage is available in two sizes: 500 mm and 1000 mm. For more information on the linear rail, select the following link here or contact our sales team for more information.