Fiber Laser Welding

Posted by Andrea Rosas on Mar 23rd 2023

Fiber Laser Welding

What is fiber laser welding?

Fiber laser welding is when a fiber source is used to produce a high-power laser beam that can melt and join two pieces of metal together. Laser welding has steadily increased in popularity due to its ability to produce high-quality welds. In this article we will take a closer look at fiber laser welding and the advantages it has over traditional welding techniques.

How does it work?

A Fiber Laser Machine is used to generate a laser beam, using a process called stimulated emission. The laser beam heats the metal, causing it to melt and forms a bond with the adjacent piece. Usually an industrial sized machine, such as the Atlas Alloy Flatbed, is used to produce the power needed to cut through the metal. However Full Spectrum Laser also offers a custom Fiber Laser Welder. Fiber welding offers a number of benefits over traditional welding techniques.


Laser beams have small spot sizes, making them precise and easy to control. This gives users complete control over the welding process and enables welders to produce welds with minimal heat distortion. The laser has the ability to produce a beam of around 0.1 millimeter. This precision welding makes Fiber lasers ideal for industries that require high accuracy and tight tolerances, such as electronic devices, medical devices, and aerospace.

Fiber lasers are also incredibly versatile. Aside from being used as a welding tool, they can engrave and cut metals, acrylics, and plastics. Get the most out of your money by using your machine to make jigs for your workspace. Custom made shelving or storage containers can easily be made. Custom parts for machines can also be made here. There is no limit to the things you can imagine.


Traditionally a welder will take fifteen to thirty minutes to weld a 5x5 piece of steel. Due to the small spot size and its gantry system, a fiber laser welding can be done at up to 100 meters per minute. The spot size also reduces the risk of overheating the material and ruining the sample, saving on overall time.

Cost Efficient

A welder needs about 2 years to be certified. For that reason a professional welder will cost anywhere between 15 to 30 dollars per hour. On the other hand a laser machine can be used with minimal training. The machine can complete in a few hours a project that would normally take days, saving both time and money. Additionally, the precise nature of the machine reduces the risk of user error, saving on material costs.


The use of a laser is a non-contact process. This reduces the potential risk of burns and makes it possible to weld with less protective gear then traditional welding. Laser welding also reduces the amount of smoke and fumes produced. Fiber lasers also have safety mechanisms built in to prevent internal damage.

If you're looking for a versatile, efficient machine for welding, then Atlas Alloy is just what you need. The Atlas Alloy Flatbed offers superior precision,speed, and versatility, allowing you to weld and engrave objects with ease, using a wide range of materials. Or make you’re the type of person that likes a more hands on approach, then get the Fiber Laser Welder. Invest in a Full Spectrum laser machine and let your business bloom. Contact us here to learn more.