AI Powered 3D Camera

Apr 18th 2023

AI Powered 3D Camera

Full Spectrum Laser has recently announced a new AI-powered camera for their laser engraving machine that is set to revolutionize the way laser engraving is done. This new camera comes equipped with a host of advanced features that enable it to detect objects and convert them to vector paths, orientate text onto detected objects, and even mark serial numbers onto objects.

Laser Age Before Cameras

Before cameras were introduced into the laser world, the workflow was to draw the perimeter box on the workspace and move the object until it oriented correctly with the marking.  This was a time consuming process and very difficult if the objects were shiny or transparent as the outline was hard to see.  Finally sub-mm placement accuracy was nearly impossible.  The alternative was to create jigs which typically work well fixturing items in the same place every time but extremely time consuming to create and subject to error.

Not all cameras are created equally either.  FSL uses Intel Realsense 3D Cameras as well as calibrated 4k 2D Cameras in it's lasers which not only see the image but also the depth.  Using the depth data, FSL is able to correct for both lens distortion and objects which vary in height above the workspace.

The Future: AI Powered 3D Camera Laser Age

Even with a camera, it is a time consuming process of finding the exact center of an object or align the drawing with the image.  Consider the dog tags below, each one would need to be manually orientated and centered.  With FSL's AI (Artificial Intelligence) Powered 3D Camera, advanced neural network software running on a cloud based high powered GPU processor analyzes the images and recognizes the objects in view and returns the center of the image as well as it's boundaries.  This allows a single click orientation of text onto an image without manually adjusting it!

Further Information:

One of the standout features of this camera is its best-in-class image detection using AI+3D camera technology. This allows it to detect objects even in cluttered workspaces, making it ideal for use in manufacturing and production environments where space is often at a premium. What's more, no special background or lighting is needed, making it incredibly easy to set up and use.

Another impressive feature of this new camera is its ability to automatically mark serial numbers onto objects. This is a valuable feature for manufacturers and other businesses that need to keep track of inventory and production processes. With the Full Spectrum Laser AI camera, serial numbers can be marked onto objects quickly and accurately, ensuring that each item can be easily identified and tracked.In addition to its object detection and serial number marking capabilities, the Full Spectrum Laser AI camera can also orientate text onto detected objects. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to add text to products or parts. With this feature, text can be added quickly and easily, ensuring that each item is clearly labeled.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Full Spectrum Laser AI camera is its ability to run objects on a conveyor belt under a laser for automarking. This means that items can be marked with serial numbers, text, or other identifying information automatically as they move along a conveyor belt, streamlining production processes and increasing efficiency.Finally, the Full Spectrum Laser AI camera is powered by a cloud GPU assisted AI engine, ensuring that it can handle even the most complex tasks with ease. This means that businesses can rely on the camera to provide accurate and reliable results every time, improving productivity and reducing errors.

The Full Spectrum Laser AI-powered camera is a game-changer for businesses that need to mark, label, or engrave objects quickly and accurately. Its advanced features, including object detection, serial number marking, text orientating, and conveyor belt automarking, make it a valuable addition to any manufacturing or production environment. With its best-in-class image detection and cloud GPU assisted AI engine, the Full Spectrum Laser AI camera is the future of laser engraving.