P-Series ZnSE Lens Focus Lens Combo Kits

Was: $300.00
Now: $250.00

Product Overview

1.5" Lens for P-Series and H-series.  A short focal length has small spot size for fine engraving but also a shorter depth of field so not suitable for cutting materials with thickness over 1/16".  

If you are requiring finer engraving and thin cutting such as fonts below 8pts, we recommend the 2" lens. The 2" lens has a good combination of fine engraving and thin cutting. A short focus lens has a smaller minimum spot size but spreads out more quickly after reaching the focus making them better for fine detail but not good for thick cutting. A long focus lens keeps the focus longer allowing for straighter edges but does not focus down to as small a minimum spot.

Buy this combo for both 1.5" + 2.0" lenses and get a discount!

Compatible Models: 5th Gen, Pro Series

1.5"/2.0" Air Cone required: PS20/PS24PS36/PS48