The Full Spectrum Laser Dual Head 51x34 Laser Cutter
has two independent laser tubes for double the
production speed and redundancy

Dual Head CO2 Laser 51x34

A productivity workhorse, this large format Dual Head CO2 laser has two laser cutting heads with two independent laser tubes to cut twice as fast. Two independent laser power supplies driving two independent laser tubes also allows for redundancy against failure. The sturdy construction of this laser machine combined with the 51" x 34" engraving table provides you with an oversized work area to meet your needs on any project.

FOR ONLY $9,995
Dual Head CO2 Laser


  • Two laser heads and two laser tubes for double the production speed and redundancy
  • High-end precision linear rails with ball bearings for fast, smooth motion
  • Large working engraveable area of up to 51” x 34”
  • Optimized for cutting large materials
  • Front pass through doors open for larger pieces to put into machine
  • Fixed Z table, autofocus sensor, and visible red laser pointers are included
  • Capable of cutting up to ½” thick acrylic and wood
  • Can engrave bottles and round objects with the purchase of a rotary attachment (sold separately)

Tech Specs

WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS Engraving Area 51" x 34"
Machine Dimensions 70" x 62" x 43" (1778 mm x 1574.8 mm x 1092 mm)
Weight 1800 lbs (816 kg)

LASER Laser Type Dual Sealed CO2 Laser Tube
Laser Area 2x 90W

POWER Power Supply AC 110V native ( 220V option available )

SYSTEM Driving System Stepper
Cooling Mode Water-cooling and protection system
Operating Temperature 0 - 45ºC

STANDARD EQUIPMENT Z table Fixed Z with Autofocus (up to 1”)
Auxiliary Equipment Exhaust fans, Air exhaust pipe

WARRANTY Parts/Labor 1-year limited warranty (excludes shipping/consumable items)


2x 90W



Assembly & Instruction Manual

We produce and sell several types of laser systems for cutting and engraving. We are probably most widely known for our highly affordable line of CO2 lasers including the widely popular “Hobby Laser”. But we also sell more expensive lasers like large format CO2 lasers and fiber laser for marking metal directly. We also consult and we can produce custom systems to fit your needs.
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