4X4 Compact Open Metal Cutting Fiber Laser 1kW-2kW


Product Overview

4X4 Metal Cutting Fiber Laser up to 2kW

Easy to use, Easy to store

  • Rapidly cuts up to 1/2" thick steel
  • 220V single phase up to 2kW in power, no three phase power needed
  • Open for easy transport but storable inside a tent or optional enclosure
  • Cutting metals produces very little smell, much less than cutting plastics or wood

Quick ROI/Low running costs

  • Ability to cut full size 4x8 standard sheets has lowest running cost
  • Outside metal cutting laser services charge up $300+/hr - pays for itself in weeks
  • Uses only low cost nitrogen gas or oxygen for cutting, estimated less than $0.25 an hour with electricity

Powerful. Efficient. Precise.

The 4X4 Metal Cutting Fiber Laser is a production tool designed to rapidly cut sheet metal of up to 4 foot by 4 foot sheets rapidly without taking as much footprint as our larger flatbed machines. It can rapidly cut many metals with a kerf less than 25um (0.001"): alloy/carbon/stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium.

Optional Tent and Enclosure options are available.  Contact sales for more information.

It is a perfect in-house metal cutting business solution. The flatbed metal cutting fiber laser can deliver significant ROI when compared with third party metal cutting services. 

The Atlas Alloy Flatbed Metal Cutting Fiber Laser is ideal for applications including:

  • Monograms
  • Electrical boxes
  • Fences and gates
  • Jewelry and more
  • Automotive panels and components

Key Features

  • Cuts up to 4'x4' metal sheets, up 1/2 inch (12mm)
  • Energy efficient: lowest running cost for cutting metal
  • Capacitive auto-height adjusting cutting head
  • Closed loop servo motors for rapid precise cutting
  • Low power draw for an efficient operation
  • Enclosed design protects against stray radiation
  • Programmable cutting assist gas solenoid
  • 1070nm fiber laser has 3x to 10x the absorption efficiency for cutting metal compared with a CO2 laser 
  • Laser is contained inside a fiber optic cable (no mirrors to adjust)
  • 10x smaller spot sizes than 10.6um CO2 type lasers
  • Solid state laser lasts over 50,000hrs for long-term reliability
  • Various power options from 1000W to 2000W (default 1000W) to meet specific needs
  • Optional full enclosure or open bed design
  • Easily cuts through 6mm carbon steel, 3mm stainless, 2mm aluminum (1000W) 

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  • Laser Medium - Solid state CW 1070nm Fiber Laser
  • Laser Power - 1000W to 2000W Fiber Source Options
  • Power - 220v single phase
  • Max. Cutting Speed - 25m/min
  • Positioning accuracy - ≤±0.03mm
  • Repeatability accuracy - ≤±0.02mm

Cutting Capacity

  • 1kW: Up to 6mm carbon steel, 3mm stainless, 1.5mm aluminum
  • 1.5kW: Up to 9mm carbon steel, 4.5mm stainless, 2.25mm aluminum
  • 2kW: Up to 12mm carbon steel, 6mm stainless, 3mm aluminum


  • Driving System - Closed Loop Servo
  • Cooling Mode - Refrigerated Water


  • Parts/Labor - 1 year limited warranty (excludes consumable items), 2 year available

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