MC-Series 4'x'8' Flatbed Metal Cutting Fiber Laser

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Product Overview

MC-Series Flatbed Metal Cutting Fiber Laser

Powerful. Efficient. Precise.

The MC-Series 4'x8' Flatbed Metal Cutting Fiber Laser is a production tool designed to rapidly cut sheet metal of up to 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. It can rapidly cut many metals with a kerf less than 25um (0.001"): alloy/carbon/stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium.

It is a perfect in-house metal cutting business solution. The flatbed metal cutting fiber laser can deliver significant ROI when compared with third party metal cutting services. 

The MC-Series Flatbed Metal Cutting Fiber Laser is ideal for applications including:

  • Monograms
  • Electrical boxes
  • Fences and gates
  • Jewelry and more
  • Automotive panels and components
automotive components cut with laser

Key Features

  • Cuts up to 4'x8' metal sheets
  • Energy efficient: lowest running cost for cutting metal
  • Capacitive auto-height adjusting cutting head
  • Closed loop servo motors w/ ballscrew for rapid precise cutting
  • Low power draw (less than 2kW) for an efficient operation
  • Enclosed design protects against stray radiation
  • Programmable cutting assist gas solenoid
  • 1070nm fiber laser has 3x to 10x the absorption efficiency for cutting metal compared with a CO2 laser 
  • Laser is contained inside a fiber optic cable (no mirrors to adjust)
  • 10x smaller spot sizes than 10.6um CO2 type lasers
  • Solid state laser lasts over 50,000hrs for long-term reliability
  • Various power options from 200W to 2kW (default 1000W) to meet specific needs
  • Optional full enclosure or open bed design
  • Easily cuts through 6mm carbon steel, 3mm stainless, 2mm aluminum (1000W) 

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Tech Specs

Weight and Dimensions

  • Cutting Area - 47" x 95" ( 1100 mm x 2400 mm )
  • Machine Dimensions - 173" x 90" x 55" (4.4m x 2.3m x 1.4m)
  • Weight - 6024 lbs (2732 kg)


  • Laser Medium - Solid state CW 1070nm Fiber Laser
  • Laser Power - 200W to 2kW
  • Max. Cutting Speed - 25m/min
  • Positioning accuracy - ≤±0.03mm
  • Repeatability accuracy - ≤±0.02mm

Cutting Capacity

  • Carbon Steel (O2) - Up to 6mm with 0.8 m/min max. cutting speed
  • Stainless Steel (Air) - Up to 3mm with 1.5 m/min max. cutting speed
  • Galvanized Plate (O2) - Up to 3mm with 1.0 m/min max. cutting speed
  • Aluminum Plate - Up to 3mm with 0.8 m/min max. cutting speed
  • Copper Plate - Up to 2mm with 0.8 m/min max. cutting speed


  • Driving System - Closed Loop Servo w/ Ball Screw
  • Cooling Mode - Refrigerated Water Chiller


  • Parts/Labor - 1 year limited warranty (excludes consumable items)