Wash away uncured resin using only water

With Water Washable Resin, you no longer need to use expensive and dangerous solvents like acetone or alcohol to remove excess resin on your 3D prints - simply rinse with water.

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A 3d printed water washable propeller

User Friendly

Water is safe and free - unlike other solvents used by the competition for post processing.

A 3d printed water washable dog

Compatible with Full Spectrum's full line of DLP/SLA printers

Water Washable Resin is designed to be compatible with FSL's full range of stereolithography (SLA) and digital light projector (DLP) 3D printers, including the Phoenix and Pegasus product lines.

A 3d printed water washable model of teeth

Great Mechanical Properties and Aesthetics

Prints made with Water Washable Resin are heavy duty and attractive, with applications ranging from secondary school projects to industry use.

Printing with water washable resin is the same as printing with any other FSL resin, and requires no additional expertise. Dissolving excess resin in water is simple and straightforward, requiring only a short period of rinsing or soaking.

A 3d printed water washable alien

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