Phoenix Touch Pro UV-LED DLP 3D Printer

Phoenix Touch Pro
UV-LED DLP 3D Printer

Professional UV Projector for greatest
speed, precision and reliability

Phoenix Touch Pro Translating UV-LED DLP 3D Printer

Highest quality optics. Fastest build times. Best accuracy.

The Phoenix Touch™ Pro UV-LED 3D printer is an ideal choice for dental professionals, jewelry artisans, and firms aiming to bring their modeling or prototyping activities to the next level. The Phoenix Touch Pro UV-LED is reliable and easy to use - with a host of advanced features - and delivers professional performance. With its standard translating projector, the build area increases 3x



  • Best-in-class 50um XY pixel size
  • Powerful UV-LED with 20,000 hrs bulb life
  • Cures entire 2D layer in under 1s regardless of complexity
  • Professional all-glass projector optics for the highest accuracy
  • Use finely tuned FSL3D resins or buy optional open resin license for 3rd party materials
  • Built-in touchscreen computer connects to FSL3D’s Modelhub. Pick a model and press print, no computer needed!
  • USB, Ethernet, WiFi interfaces

Product Highlights



Patent pending design and material lasts 10x longer than PDMS vats and offers lower release forces for superior quality

Single Point Leveling


Ball joint mounted build head allows for single-point leveling. Simply loosen one screw, make a quick adjustment, then re-tighten. Ready to print in under 5 seconds.
Seamless Workflow


The Phoenix Touch™ printers are Wi-Fi ready and includes USB and Ethernet connections. Networking and built in touchscreen computer allow for multiple printers controlled by a single operator.

Professioinal Grade Optics

Professional Grade Optics

The professional grade all glass optics designed for UV wavelengths ensures the sharpest prints with lowest distortion.

Translating Projector


Translating projector gives you 3x build area while maintaining 50um resolution. Factory calibration ensures pixel-level accuracy and alignment across all 3 printing subvolumes is maintained.
Material Choice


Multiple material choices meet your every need, from clear, solid, castable, and flexible resins.
RetinaCreate Software


Our software provides an intuitive workflow to simplify 3D printing jobs with any of our printers. Advanced features like built-in hollowing/shelling and tree supports save up to 80% over competitors.


Reliable light projector with UV LED lighting for years of trouble free operation

Highest precision prints



RetinaCreate™ is ideal for beginners and 3D Printing experts alike, with a best in class automatic support algorithm to get you printing fast. For the pros, RetinaCreate™ has advanced user-editable settings and the ability to fully control the supports on your model. It gives you full control over your build.

Position, orient, hollow, and support multiple models automatically.

Free to download and use with any FSL3D 3D Printer.

System Requirements
  • Windows Vista and Higher
  • Max OS X 10.9 and Higher
  • Minimum 2GB Ram
Tech Specs

WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS Build Area 65.6mm x 41mm x 110mm
2.58in x 1.61in x 4.33in
Build Area (Translating Head) 65.6mm x 122mm x 110mm
2.58in x 4.80in x 4.33in
Machine Dimensions Compact footprint: 15.6” x 8.9” x 25”
Weight 33 lbs

PRINTING Technology Industrial quality DLP engine with UV-LED and TSVP™
Resolution 25, 50, 100 Micron Layer Thicknesses
Curing Time 1s per layer
Z Motor Control Stepper motor with 5 micron step resolution

SYSTEM Computer 1GHz processor with 512 MB SDRAM for on board processing, 2 GB internal storage, 8 GB microSD external storage
Display 4.3” LCD Color Touchscreen
Interfaces USB, Ethernet, WiFi (requires optional dongle), USB key
Power standard 110V or 220V autoswitching

MATERIAL Resin FSL3D’s line of standard and performance resins:
Standard: Clear and colors
Performance: Flexible and casting
New formulations under constant development

WARRANTY Parts/Labor 1 year limited warranty (excludes shipping/consumable items)


Build Platform (1 set)


SuperVAT Resin tray


500mL starter resin


1L Universal Black Resin

+ $200


1L Universal Clear Resin

+ $200


1L Standard Black Flexible Resin

+ $300


1L Universal Grey Resin

+ $200


1L Universal Red Resin

+ $200


1L Universal White Resin

+ $200


1L Universal Blue Resin

+ $200


Phoenix Build Head

+ $150


Phoenix SuperVAT Resin Tray

+ $500


Phoenix SuperVAT Liner

+ $250


Open Resin License

+ $1,500


385nm LED Upgrade

+ $1,000


2 Year Extended Warranty (excluding consumables/shipping)

+ $300

Purchased With Machine


Phoenix Touch Pro UV-LED User’s Manual


RetinaCreate User’s Manual


RetinaCreate Software Download

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