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Printing Resin
Printing Resin

1L Universal Clear Resin + $200 tooltip
1L Universal Black Resin + $200 tooltip
1L Universal Red Resin + $200 tooltip
1L Universal White Resin + $200 tooltip
1L Universal Blue Resin + $200 tooltip
1L Standard Black Flexible Resin + $300 tooltip
1L Universal Grey Resin + $200 tooltip
Build Head
Build Head

Get an extra build head.

No thanks + $0
Pegasus Build Plate + $150
Resin Vat
Resin Vat

Get a SuperVAT resin tray upgrade/replacement for higher durability and quality.

Stock resin tray + $0
Pegasus PDMS Vat + $300
Pegasus SuperVAT Resin Tray + $500
Open Resin License
Open Resin License

FSL3D machines are designed to work best with FSL3D resins. Purchase an open resin license to use your own or 3rd party resins.. Includes special software to adjust power/exposure settings.

No thanks + $0
Open Resin License + $1,500 tooltip
Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty

1 Year Standard (excluding consumables/shipping) + $0
2 Year Extended Warranty (excluding consumables/shipping) + $300 tooltip
Picture of Pegasus Touch SLA 3D Printer

Pegasus Touch SLA 3D Printer

Introducing the next generation of affordable, high quality desktop 3D printers featuring laser based stereolithography technology.

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