MC Series 20W Scanning Galvo

MC Series
20W Scanning Galvo

Pulsed 1064nm Fiber Laser directly marks many plastics
and metals: Steel/Titanium/Copper/Aluminum

MC Series 20W Scanning Galvo Fiber Laser

This scanning galvo fiber laser is ideal for rapid marking of metals/plastics and thin metal cutting applications. Projection style scanning galvo marks up 100x faster compared to gantry type lasers.

Starting At$12,000


  • 1064nm solid state pulsed fiber laser source lasts over 50,000hrs
  • 10x finer spot sizes over 10.6um CO2 lasers
  • Pulsed waveform has over 1kW peak power for direct inkless marking of plastics and metals
  • Mark deep etch or smooth surface (no roughness)
  • Superior to YAG laser, 5x smaller spot size, 30% efficiency vs 1% efficiency
  • Perfectly marks many plastics without surface roughness: clear PVC black and black acrylic extremely white (better results than Rowmark at low cost)
  • Laser is contained inside a fiber optic cable (no mirrors to adjust)
  • Projector style scanning galvo uses rotating mirrors - 10-100x faster than gantry style lasers
  • All air cooled, self contained, easily transportable design - under 90 pounds
  • Scanning galvo laser works like a projector (no moving gantry)
  • 20W and 50W pulsed options available
  • Can be integrated into your factory/assembly line including automation (ask us for details).

Tech Specs

WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS Engraving Area 100mm x 100 mm (3.9" x 3.9") with 275 mm lens
Machine Dimensions 81cm x 73cm x 28cm (32" x 28" x 11" )
Weight 40kg (88 pounds)

PERFORMANCE Laser Type Solid state 1064nm pulsed fiber laser
Laser Power 20W to 50W (20W standard)

POWER Power Supply AC 110V native ( 220V option available )
Gross Power Less Than 500W

System Driving System Rotating closed loop galvo mirrors
Cooling Mode Air cooled
Operating Temperature 0 - 45ºC

STANDARD EQUIPEMENT Z table Adjustable Scissorjack Z table

WARRANTY Parts/Labor 1 year limited warranty (excludes shipping/consumable items)


2x 90W


FSL Direct Print


RetinaEngrave 3D Ethernet + USB

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