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Fumes/Air Handling Equipment
Fumes/Air Handling Equipment

When cutting or engraving materials that produce fumes, it is necessary to vent them outside with an exhaust fan or purchase an air purifier for indoors use.

No thanks + $0
Hobby Series Exhaust Fan + $200 tooltip
FSL Small Fume Extractor + $1,100 tooltip
FSL Medium Fume Extractor + $2,500 tooltip
Air Compressor
Air Compressor

For materials that produce smoke (wood, plastics, fabrics, etc), an air compressor is required to prevent the laser's path from being clouded.

No thanks + $0
Hobby Series Air Compressor + $150 tooltip
Water Cooling
Water Cooling

Water cooling is necessary for laser tubes. Water chiller upgrades offer higher heat dissipation for longer runtime and more consistent cuts under heavy use.

Basic water pump + $0
Radiator Water Chiller + $600 tooltip
Advanced Refrigerated Water Chiller + $1,200 tooltip
Extended Warranty
Extended Warranty

1 Year Standard (excluding consumables/shipping) + $0
2 Year Extended Warranty (excluding consumables/shipping) + $300 tooltip
Picture of MC-Series Flatbed 150W CO₂ Metal Cutting Laser

MC-Series Flatbed 150W CO₂ Metal Cutting Laser

Cost-optimized 4'x8' flatbed cutting machine that can cut wood, acrylic and carbon/stainless steel.

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