Thursday, January 19, 2017

Muse Draws a Crowd

As I mentioned in December, we officially unveiled our latest hobby laser cutter, Muse, at CES, Las Vegas. The response was overwhelming. For four days straight we demonstrated Muse to enthusiastic crowds. Seems there is some demand for an affordable laser cutter that targets Makers and the DIY community. Of course, we knew this, but even we were surprised at how much excitement there is.

Our custom, handcrafted, all-wood booth was a big hit, too. Every inch of it was an example of what modern laser cutters can do. From the laser cut wooden lamps and wall panels to our Da Vinci recreations, people marveled at what quality, old fashion craftwork can accomplish.

So thank you to everyone that came and visited us at CES. Keep an eye out here and our other social media outlets for more details of Muse and some fun photos from CES. Las Vegas.