Friday, November 18, 2016

Coming Soon: Laser 101

We are big advocates of DIY culture. So much so we are always looking for ways help makers become better at their crafts. Now, to us, a laser cutter is a pretty robust yet simple tool to use. But we also realized we eat, drink and sleep all things “laser cutter” all year long; so perhaps our familiarity with them may not be typical.

To help pass along our experience and knowledge, we are creating a series of lessons called Laser 101. These lessons will be free to all, and will be especially useful for our H-Series and upcoming Muse users. We start with Level One: The Basics, giving detailed step-by-step instructions on operating our software, understanding raster and vector properties, and optimizing workflow. Level Two introduces “Tips & Techniques” that advance the first lesson into creating 3D models, flexible joints, aligning pre-existing objects, and securing flat edges. Finally, in Level Three, students achieve true “Do It Yourself” confidence by applying multiple techniques to create projects unassisted.

It is our hope that this will lead to people to become better users of their laser cutter and add more projects to the community. Knowledge is power!