Thursday, October 6, 2016

Muse Unveiled At Maker Faire San Diego

We love Maker Faire! It is always fun to immerse ourselves among Makers and crafters who come to these events. And Maker Faire San Diego did not disappoint.

This year’s Maker Faire San Diego was a huge event for us. We unveiled our newest hobby laser cutter: Muse. The reception was terrific as people got to see Muse in action for the first time.

What always really impresses us at Maker Faire events are the people themselves. Such an amazing and diverse group of “Do It Yourselfers”. Here are a few pictures we took at the event. Notice the new and improved Farris Wheel (last seen at Maker Faire Las Vegas).

Keep checking this blog for our next public appearance and be sure to keep an ear out for more announcements about Muse.