Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Beautiful Boxes

You don’t always have to create from scratch when you have a laser cutter.  It’s just as easy to pick up some pre-made pieces and add your own custom flair.  This project was cheap and simple since we had everything we needed lying around.

Cutting in real time, this video shows how our 90W tube can cut through materials like butter, even at only 20% power.
Almost magically, this box is held together by thin frames creating the illusion of 3D geometric boxes.  An acrylic lining was placed underneath the lid to maintain the airy look, while being durable enough to use from day to day.

You don’t have to design from scratch.  With a store-bought box and a free file we found on Thingiverse, we were able to create this hypnotic spiral.  

Design simply.  When you choose to create your own files, it’s not a difficult task.  Create geometric designs and simple repeating patterns.  For this, we used Inkscape, which is a powerful and free tool for creating vector files.  Vector designing not for you?  That’s okay, with Retina Engrave, you can print directly from any software to make amazing things.

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