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4x4 Rotary (Friction)

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Product Overview

With the revolutionary 4x4 Rotary, you can set up at once up to eight round objects like tumblers, wine bottles and glasses for engraving using this single rotary accessory. The 4x4 Rotary is ideal for engraving large quantities of round objects. Instead of having to setup each object individually, this accessory makes it possible to place and set up to eight objects on the rotary all at once saving significant setup time. 

Designed specifically to plug into the rotary attachment port of your Full Spectrum Laser machine, a motor spins your objects to engrave 360 degrees. RE3 software works seamlessly with this accessory providing complete laser control for the eight objects and the rotary.

The 4x4 Rotary is compatible with: Muse Titan, Muse Fiber, Muse UV, PS36 and PS48
(Contact sales to verify compatibility:, 702-802-3101)